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Sewage Enforcement

 Sewage Enforcement Officer


If you are building a new home, and municipal water/sewer service is not available,  the first permit you should obtain is the Sewage Permit.  This permit is obtained from the Township Sewage Enforcement Officer (SEO).  The requirements for this permit are to have a site that has been tested and found to be acceptable for a on-lot sewage disposal system, have the required planning approvals from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, and have a approved design for the construction of the sewage system.  The Township SEO will instruct you on what will be required based upon your situation. 

Sewage Enforcement Officer
J. C. Smith
40 Old State Road
Shermansdale, PA 17090

Cell 717-979-2424

E-mail  jcsmith@jcsmith.net


Fee Schedule Watts Twp.

 On Lot Sewer Permit (per Site)

Application for all permits                 	        $25.00
Deep Probes Per Tested Area (3 Max) $100.00
Alternate Site $50.00
Percolation Holes Per Tested Area $125.00
Alternate Site $75.00
Design Review for Permit Issuance $75.00
Pre Construction Inspection $75.00
Final Inspection $75.00
Permit Renewals $50.00
Permit Renewal if site visit required                $125.00
Repair or Septic Tank Replacement (includes Permit & Final Inspection) $125.00 each
Hourly Rates for all other work $50.00

System Repairs as per above Fee Schedule.

Note: All fees include travel and phone call to and from Watts Township Residents and Supervisors.

Township authorizes SEO to collect fees in advance of service performed.

Site preparation is applicant’s responsibility.